This, That, These, Those

This, That, These, Those

.We use this, that, these and those to point to people and things-

.This and that are singular –

.These and those are plural-


1- .This is a book. ( one book) (singular) / here / near

? What’s this-

.This is a door-
.This is a pen-
?Did you like this
. I’d like this, please-

2- That is a cat. (one cat.) (singular) / there / far
? What’s that-
.That is a desk-
.That is a car-
?Did you like that-
I’d like that, please-

3- .These are books . ( More than one book) ( plural ) / here / near

.These are bags-
.These are pens –
?Can I have one of these-

4- Those are cats . ( More than one cat ) ( plural ) / there / far


Quiz:This ,That ,These,Those

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