Telling the Time

Telling the Time
How do we ask the time-


? What time is it-
?What is the time-
? Do you have the time-
? Have you got the right time-
? Do you know what time is it-
?Can you tell me what time is it, please –
? Do you happen to have the time-
?Could you tell me the time, please –

Giving the Time :-

-It’s exactly or about or almost or just gone …
-Sure, it is…
-The time is 4 o’clock-
…It is-
.It’s quarter past three-
.Sorry, I am not wearing a watch –

Examples :

?What time is it-
.It’s 7 O’clock –

( O’clock ‘ is used at full hours. It means Seven are no minutes.)
?What is the time-
.It’s 5 O’clock-

O’clock ‘ = is used at full hours. ( 5 : 00 )
? Have you got the right time –

.Sorry, I am not wearing a watch-
? Do you have the time –
.It’s quarter past five –

( quarter = 15 minutes after the hour or 15 minutes before the hour)
? Could you tell me the time please –
.It’s about half past two-

(half = 30 minutes passed the hour)
We use PAST for (01 minute to 30 minutes)
We use TO for (31 to 59 minutes)

:-Examples –

It’s eight minutes past two. (02:08)-
It’s five minutes to five. (04:55)-


(am) = morning
(pm)= afternoon and night

.2am = two o’clock in the morning.

.2pm = two o’clock in the afternoon.


Exercises about time :



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