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Essay On The Ant For School Students

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Essay On The Ant For School Students
Article shared by Vivek Malhotra
The ant is a small creature. It is quite insignificant. It has six feet, two stings and a head. Its body is divided into three parts. Each part is connected with the other by a slender line. It has strong jaws.
Ants are found in almost all parts of the world. They live in houses, farmyard and cornfields. They build mounds for their protection. Ants vary in color. Some are black and some are white.
Their kinds :
There are many kinds of ants. Some are very small in size. Others are big. There are red, black, yellow and white ants. The small red ants are commonly found. They have sharp stings. When they bite, a kind of burning sensation is produced. the big sized black ants also give much trouble. They cause pain by their biting. Bt the other ants are quite innocent. The small blacks ants walk on our bodies. They do not bite us. The light yellow ants live on braches of trees. They are rather bigger in size. The while ants have no strings. But they destroy our books, furniture’s and cloths.
Food :
Ant lives on worms, flour, sweets and those things which a man eats. It has an active sense of smell. It smells a dead insect from a distance. It sends words to the other members of its family. They all sweep away dead insects. It is especially fond of sugar, honey, sweetmeats. it likes any thing that has a sweet state. It can find out its food by smelling.
Habits :
Ants live in swarms. When an ant has found out food, it does not have the whole of it. It at once goes to nest to tell the news. It brings others with it. ants carry foods with their mouth to their hole. It is said that an ant can carry a load several times heavier than its own body.
Ants are self sacrificing. If the food be in the middle of water, some ants jump into water and give up their lives to make a bridge for others. Other ants then go along this bridge and carry the food to their nest.
Ants are very diligent. They are industrious and laborites. they are always moving about in search of food. In winter they stay in their nest. They do not come out. So they store up food for winter. They work hard all through summer.
Ants are skillful builders. They build their nests. They are called ant-hills. These ant-hills have many compartments within them. The mounds which we see rising above the surface of the earth are the roofs of their houses. They teach us the lesson of unity and sacrifice.
Three classes of ants :
There are three classes of ants : the queen ant, the working ants and the idle ants. The queen ant lays eggs. The working ant goes out in search of food. The idle ant does not do anything. It grows wings just after its birth. If files up in the air and dies.
Conclusion :
Usefulness : The ants are of good use to us. Just like the crow they keep our house clean. Every dead insect or worm, any dirty matter is removed by them. They save us from bugs. Bugs do not live wherever the ants live. It is true that ants bite man very badly. But they seldom cause any serious harm to us. Above all ants teach us how to work patiently and laboriously. That is why the Bible says “Go to the ants, thou lazy”
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