Articles A-AN -THE

Articles A-AN -THE

A-and An are articles, they are used with singular nouns

for example :
a book = 1 book

an egg = 1 egg


:Never use a or an with a word that is plural
( books – cars )

A is used with words beginning with a consonant sounds.

If first letter is a consonant = use a –

a cat –
– a bag-
– a door –
– a pen –
– a cat –
– a car –
a desk –
.She’s a Teacher –
He is a good boy-


when the vowel (u) sounds like you.

a university
a user


An is used before words beginning with A vowel sound.(a,e,I,o,u)

If first letter is a vowel = use an –

– an apple –
– an egg –
an orange –
– an ice cream –
an Umbrella-

:exception –
when the consonant (h) is silent.
an hour
an honest man


Articles- a-an-the – لعبة تفاعلية

ورقة تفاعلية The article a-an

ورقة تفاعلية – Unit: 1 ( a – an – the ) articles 👏🏻👏🏻✨

Reading about this: A / An / The Worksheets – GrammarBank –



We use (the) in front of all nouns to describe someone-
…something specific or unique, nationalities, families, seas,


: Seas, Rivers-
.The Amazon-

.The north

:Oceans and seas-
.The Indian Ocean-

: One of Kind-
.The Sun-

: Some Countries-
.The United States-

.The Andes-

: When we talk about something for the second time-
. I ate an apple. The apple was green-

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